These testimonials are out at Angie’s List. Lots of folks don’t want to subscribe just to see them, so we’ve copied them here for your convenience!

Member: Curtis Rahman

Description Of Work: I have a small business is St. Louis Park. Brian has performed computer support services for me for several years. He is truely an expert. He is responsive and can often do emergency work for me. More than once he has stayed up all night to perform services on computers and the network so that it would not interfere with production the next day.

He is a professional. He has a broad based expertise that covers computers, virus removal, networking, back up, data transfer and set up of new computers, etc. His billings are fair for the services and expertise he provides. You will not be disappointed with Brian. Call him.

Member Comments: Excellent, he has become my “go to” guy for support of 40 computers we have in service.

Member: Ilsa Eischens

Description Of Work: Critical Computer – Brian Hayes has worked with us on numerous projects and we continue our relationship with him. He documents things well and has expertise in many areas which makes him qualified for many different tasks. We have used his services on large number of projects from computer diagnosis, repair services, back up and protection planning, and programming needs. All experiences have been good with great outcomes!

Member Comments: Brian’s capabilities are above many but he is able to convey the current issue in such a way in which I can understand and able to make decisions. He gives options on what can be done and what should be done in the future to ensure reliability. This helps me decide on which project priority and potential hazards that we face.

Member: Michelle Damon

Description Of Work: Customized a program to review and update client investment portfolios.

Member Comments: We appreciated Brian’s thinking outside the box. He really listened to what our technology goals were and helped us accomplish them. His IT expertise is exceptional.

Member: Timothy Rauk

Description Of Work: Whatever care a computer needs to work efficiently, free from hardware or software problems, Critical Computer is the place I would recommend. Over the years our church has relied on Critical Computer for servicing our six computers and we always get immediate response to whatever the need has been.

Critical Computer has always serviced our needs and solved our computer problems. I would, without reservation, recommend Brian Hayes and Critical Computer to anyone having any needs with their computer. The work done at the church has all been pro bono work, and I know from the experience of others that the price is always fair, and the end result has been excellent service with great value for the money spent.

Member Comments: Critical Computer has solved specific needs, from installing software, new hard drives, backup systems, solving problems caused by viruses and providing protection from future infection … the list goes on and on, of what Critical Computer can do. Over the last 15 years or so, every computer problem we’ve encountered has been solved by Brian and Critical Computer. From one time fixes, to ongoing maintenance, I would recommend Critical Computer to anyone.

Member: Dan Becker

Description Of Work: Mr. Hayes helped advise me on a new computer and then came to my house and laid new wire from the entry point in the house across the attic so that I could access my new computer from the upstairs master bedroom instead of just on the ground floor as was the case previously. He hooked up my new computer and set up the software I wanted on it, including security programs and kids games.

I also recommended Mr. Hayes to my sister-in-law to set up and maintain her website where she updates customers on her concert dates and sells CDs of her music. Mr. Hayes has helped maintain her website for several years now and as far as I know my sister-in-law is very pleased with his work.

Member Comments: Mr. Hayes was on-time, very professional, and knowledgeable on all computer and electronics-related issues. I have subsequently called him for advice when I have had other computer questions. I would recommend (and have recommended) his services to relatives and friends.

Member: Alan Martin

Description Of Work: When we needed help with a computer upgrade, an online friend suggested we contact Critical Computer for advice. Even though they’re quite a distance from here (and in a different time zone!) we got prompt and professional assistance. Ultimately, we were forced to deal with the problem in another way (vet bills ate our budget), but we never forgot the help we got from the fine folks at CC.

Member Comments: Prompt and professional assistance with a thorny technical problem. Calls returned when promised. No pressure to upsell or engage in expensive “testing” to pad the invoice.

Member: Carrol Travis

Description Of Work: Had display problems and startup/auto shutdowns.

Member Comments: Brian listened to what we said was going on. He then asked numerous questions to make sure he knew exactly what was going on. He then asked us to do some things, got more info. Then he went and did hours of research to make sure he knew all avenues to fix it. He was very attentive and patient. Overall he was amazing and did everything he could to help us.

Member: John Hynes

Description Of Work: virus elimination and protection

Member Comments: Arrived on time. Evaluated the problem. took my computer. Returned the next day with the problem fixed. Very reasonable priced.

Member: Dave Osmek

Description Of Work: Did a great job dealing with a nasty virus and bringing my old computer back up to solid speed and processing.

Member Comments: Excellent. The work was done before the delivery date. Customer service focused.