Critical Computer is owned and operated by Brian Hayes, an IT professional of some 30 years experience with computers in every capacity.  Our customers are usually small-to-midsize, owner-operated businesses that use computers and rely on them to work.

We deliver a full-range of services so that you only have one call to make.  Find us on your phone at 612-710-2617 or via email at bhayes@criticalcomputer.com

• Full-project services: Systems Consulting, Design, Programming, Hardware & Software Installation, Data Conversions, Networking, Integration, Support, Training
• Hardware and Building: Computer Diagnoses, Repair, Upgrading, Wiring, Power Management, Internet Service Providers and Telco
• Internet services: Web pages, Email, Hosting, Security, Virus Control, Virus Removal and Prevention
• Disaster Preparedness: Planning, Audit and Prevention

Brian brings three key values to all his customers:

1. He learns your business as if it was his own.  He learns how you use the computers to support the financial, sales and marketing of your business – and then helps you expand your plans cost-effectively.  He’s like having your own full-time computer person, without the full-time cost.

2. He listens and explains the computer in plain english.  Know how other computer folks usually bury their explanation in computer-eze?  Brian doesn’t.  He explains the complex simply, providing users and managers good information to make good decisions. You don’t feel stupid or embarrassed when you’re talking with him.

3. He doesn’t push you to upgrade, replace and buy.  If you think you need a new computer and you don’t, he will tell you so.  If your software is working fine, he won’t recommend you replace it.  Commonly, he will encourage you to stay with the systems you have and work to eliminate the little bits that take away from your productivity.

These key values add up to a solid business relationship.  Critical Computer customers trust Brian to help them do the right thing, and they prosper as a result.